Steel heat insulation fire doors
Steel wood heat insulation fire doors
Steel fire window
Burglary-resisting door
Class a splicing door
Steel door
Indoor door
Stainless steel door

Advantages of joining
(A) the quality advantage
Resolutely implement a variety of quality at the core of the management system, first in the industry through the ISO9001-2000 quality system certification, quality assured by the state departments as the State standard of qualified products, green products. Tiggo who has consistently adhered to the "Quality is the starting point of dignity, respect is the starting point for customers," the concept of product quality.
(B) of the production advantages
Introduction of advanced production equipment, relying on strict management of fine, according to market changes, to adjust production to solve real problems for our customers.
(C) Regional Distribution
Standardized regional distribution, protection of the interests of dealers and consumers to guide the dealer business management and market development, regulate the market management.
(D) brand
CCTV recommended products, and the Swiss were ahead of Tiger brand awareness. Stores across the country unified company image management, brand promotion of the implementation of national unity, for the majority of dealers to open up market confidence.
(E) the credibility of advantages
With the commitment is the belief of gold, and continuously improve product quality and service, we continue to meet the needs of our customers.
(Vi) Innovation Advantage
The company has a high-quality R & D team, excellent research and development and effective incentive mechanism, Superman, one chip design, distinctive products, and always guide the user's consumption concept; for the franchisee, dealer's success paved the way also established themselves in the market, unique product style and brand image. Ahead of the fast-paced product designed to update and promote the operation of the market has opened up a most powerful way.
(G) Service Advantage
Perfect pre-sale, after-sales service system, for dealers, users with a "three hearts" protection, buy with confidence, with the peace of mind, have confidence in us. With the "three hearts" criteria, Tiggo people are climbing into the new peak.
(H) Management Advantage
Advanced management concept, ahead of the marketing model, and improve rules and regulations in order to "meet the mind, dedication to" development strategy, in the fierce market competition, never at the position.


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